The Story

While working at a creative agency, Michael, the CEO, discovered the value of proper digital advertising & SEO campaigns. Through word of mouth, he began taking on more and more on clients, helping businesses develop more profitable digital marketing strategies. And just like that, ROI Digital was created. The mission: to improve the ROI of digital marketing campaigns.

The Problem

Some marketing agencies offer mediocre results for massive retainers. Often, this prevents businesses from being able to grow, as any returns, if there are any, get handed over to the agency.

Alternatively, many businesses hire an internal marketing manager, who may not have the time or tools to focus on the technical aspects of marketing/advertising platforms. This can hold marketing campaigns back, as ads don’t reach their full potential.

The Solution

Michael at ROI Digital offers better performance, and can work on any team. He partners with owners, executives, and marketing managers to improve SEO and Ad performance on Google, Amazon, FB, LinkedIn, and more. Additionally, he helps to connect freelance designers & developers in order to built a tailored marketing plan that is anything but cookie-cutter.


Michael was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies at the University of North Texas in 2019. He learned about performance marketing from his older brother, who ran an award winning SEO firm in Dallas for over a decade. Michael’s hobbies include music composition, muay thai, and french.

That’s Michael – he does everything.


Mobile: (972) 978-0119